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For York Regional Chair. To get things done.


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The Platform

Subways and Public Transportation

Mario Racco has been a champion for the extended subway lines into York Region since his time on Vaughan City Council. In fact, he championed the extension that recently opened in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) and heavily promoted the need to connect Vaughan and York Region as a whole to the downtown core of the City of Toronto. His promise to the residents of York Region is to bring a new subway extension from the Yonge line up to Richmond Hill.

Roads and Highways

Mario understands the needs of York Region and the fact that municipalities in the northern part of the region need better roads and highways that connect our cities, building a contiguous and seamless experience for commercial and residential drivers.

Smart Cities and Technology

Building "smart cities" is what sets modern cities and regions apart from the rest. Mario's commitment is to support existing infrastructure with the best technology that makes sense for York Region, such as digital traffic signalling that encourages efficient traffic flow.


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