About Mario

Mario’s involvement with the community started back as ratepayer association president, then elected as a six-term Vaughan Councillor, and finally, as the Member of Provincial Parliament for the Riding of Thornhill.  Throughout this entire time, Mario has always had the passion to work towards helping to improve his community. He knew that doing it right would require long-term vision and planning. 

When he first moved to the Town of Vaughan in 1980, he recognized both issues and possibilities. There was little, if any, public transit but with a relatively small population of around 20,000, it was not yet a big issue; the existing road infrastructure at that time was able to handle the traffic.

Vaughan did not have its own health care centre. Residents needing moderate-to-urgent medical attention needed to travel to Richmond Hill, Toronto or Brampton. 

Town Council met in a small building in Maple, but not in the city centre since   there was no identifiable city centre at the time.

Mario knew however that Vaughan would soon become a city with a population that would explode and grow to 10 times its size in 20 years. He saw that the space between communities of Concord, Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill and Woodbridge would soon be filled with families and single residents who need to shop, go to school, participate in recreation activities, seek medical-care and job opportunities. 

In 1982, when he ran for and was elected as the Town of Vaughan Councillor, he set off on a path to improve the community that he and his future family would call home.